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The degens🤝regens Manifesto

we believe in ✨degens’✨ ability to discover new projects and spread the word

The future value of every new technology is highly uncertain. Due to its financial nature, blockchain technology has made it even easier for people to speculate. This brought to life a new onchain species: degens[1]. These degens are adventurers who are comfortable with apeing [2] into highly risky and speculative operations and experiments, mainly for profit for them and their troops. However, their proficiency in creating and spreading memes (i.e., cultural genes [3]) quickly reaches more risk-averse people, which unfortunately gives them a bad name.

we believe in 🌱regens’🌱 ability to align players towards projects that solve systemic problems

In response to this behaviour, some degens memed [4] a new onchain species into existence: 🌱regens🌱 [5]. Regens are philanthropists who leverage the blockchain for the common good using “regenerative cryptoeconomics [6].” They incentivise communities to solve systemic issues (such as “banking the unbanked” with new DeFi protocols) through Public Goods Funding initiatives [7]. However, their sharp focus on improving coordination sometimes traps them in their own bubble. Despite OG regens openly being degens, the narrative of “Degen to Regen Pipeline” [8] has led some people to undervalue the positive traits of degens.

we believe degens and regens🌱 together can multiply the power of coordination mechanisms and public goods

This misconception has kept both groups separate, with very little understanding of the value that each contributes to the ecosystem. This division has prevented ✨degens and regens🌱 from learning from each other to create the ultimate version of “web3”. With their risk-taking, innovation-driven mindset, and skill at harnessing virality, degens are invaluable in exploring and growing new frontiers with regenerative potential. On the other hand, degen behaviour can be unsustainable and lead to rektness [9]. Here, the regen's role becomes crucial, guiding these ventures to build a more sustainable and fairy society.

We believe degens and regens together create a 1+1=3 effect that can accelerate the development of the web3 space.

It’s time to unite degens 🤝 regens.

I, a regen, pledge to engage in some degeneracy to advance public goods

I, a degen, pledge to contribute some shitcoin profits to fund public goods.